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Chủ đề: Surfer 11 full crack

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    Mặc định Surfer 11 full crack

    Surfer is a full-function 3D visualization, contouring and surface modeling package that runs under Microsoft Windows. Surfer is used extensively for terrain modeling, bathymetric modeling, landscape visualization, surface analysis, contour mapping, watershed and 3D surface mapping, gridding, volumetrics, and much more.

    Surfer's sophisticated interpolation engine transforms your XYZ data into publication-quality maps. Surfer provides more gridding methods and more control over gridding parameters, including customized variograms, than any other software package on the market. You can also use grid files obtained from other sources, such as USGS DEM files or ESRI grid files. Display your grid as outstanding contour, 3D surface, 3D wireframe, watershed, vector, image, shaded relief, and post maps. Add base maps and combine map types to create the most informative display possible. Virtually all aspects of your maps can be customized to produce exactly the presentation you want. Generating publication quality maps has never been quicker or easier.


    What's New in Surfer 11?
    Create Watershed Maps
    Include Feature Attributes
    Use the Text Editor
    Create Automatic Profiles
    Perform Advanced Boundary Editing
    Measure Distances and Areas
    Grid Only Inside Your Data Limits
    Use the Grid Node Editor Enhancements
    More Resolution for Your Surface Map
    Keep Your Layers Organized
    More Classes for Your Classed Post Map
    International Font Support
    Reference Your Map
    Set Symbol Line Color
    Lock Your Objects
    Convert Text Data to Numbers
    Increased File Compatibility
    New Coordinate Systems, Projections and Datums
    More Surfer Features
    Map Projections - Load maps in any map production, and covert between projections.
    Contour Maps - Surfer software's contour maps give you full control over all map parameters.
    3D Surface Maps - The 3D surface map uses shading and color to emphasize your data features.
    3D Wireframe Maps - Surfer wireframe maps provide an impressive three dimensional display of your data.
    Vector Maps - Instantly create vector maps in Surfer to show direction and magnitude of data at points on a map.
    Image Maps - Surfer image maps use different colors to represent elevations of a grid file.
    Shaded Relief Maps - Surfer Shaded Relief maps create a shaded relief map from a grid [.GRD] file or USGS DEM file.
    Post Maps - Post maps show X,Y locations with fixed size symbols or proportionally scaled symbols of any color.
    Base Maps - Surfer can import maps in many different formats to display geographic information.
    Map Overlays - Map overlays give you a way to combine any number of contour, wireframe, vector, base, and post maps.
    Gridding - The gridding methods in Surfer allow you to produce accurate contour, surface, wireframe, vector, image, and shaded relief maps from your XYZ data.
    Variogram modeling - Use the variogram modeling subsystem to quantitatively assess the spatial continuity of data.
    Faults and Breaklines - Define faults and breaklines when gridding your data.
    USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Files - Use DEM files with any Surfer command that uses GRD files
    Digitize Boundaries - Surfer makes it easy to digitize boundaries.
    Automation - Virtually any operation that you can perform interactively can be controlled using an Automation-compatible programming language such as Visual Basic, C++, or Perl.
    Worksheet - Surfer includes a full-featured worksheet for creating, opening, editing, and saving data files.
    Object Manager - The object manager makes the editing of any object simple.
    System Requirements

    Windows XP SP2 or higher, Vista, 7 or higher
    100MB of free hard disk space
    512MB RAM minimum, 1GB RAM or higher recommended
    1024x768x16-bit color minimum monitor resolution
    Surfer 11 Self-Paced Training Guide

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