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Chủ đề: Golden Software Surfer 13

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    Mặc định Golden Software Surfer 13

    Add latitude and longitude graticule lines over your projected map!

    Display areas visible from a specific XY location using the new viewshed map type.

    Create buffers around streams, roads, wells or any object at specified distances to visualize offsets or setbacks!
    1. Add a Graticule or Grid to Your Map
      Display your projected map and with a click of a button, add latitude and longitude graticule lines directly on your map! You can also create a grid in different units, allowing you to project your map in one coordinate system (e.g. UTM) and display the grid in different units, such as feet
    2. Create Viewsheds
      Add viewshed layers to your map to display the visible or invisible areas from a specific XY point location. Change the transmitter coordinates, the sweep angle and radius, the sampling distance, and the drawing properties to create the best presentation.
    3. Take Advantage of the New Vector Editing Tools
      Many more geoprocessing functions are available for you to edit your vector geometry. Secure your desired results bycreating points at intersections, new polygons from existing polygons, buffer polygons around objects at specified distances, and many more!
    4. Query Your Base Layers
      Access your data quickly! Query objects in any base layer using the object attributes. The powerful new query tool makes searching and filtering complicated base layers a snap.
    5. Organize Your Information with the Attribute Table
      Quickly and easily manage attributes for base layer objects Adding, deleting, and editing attributes is a breeze with the new Property Manager functionality , and the new Attribute Table.
    6. Utilize the New and Improved Import and Export Functions
      Surfer is more compatible with the programs you use, including Google Earth, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, and ERDAS Imagine! Import KML/KMZ and ERDAS IMG file formats, or create maps directly from a matrix of Z values. Export to layered PDFs, XYZ text files, or DXF files with drawing properties and Z values. These are just a few of the new formats available!
    7. Display Lat/Long Labels in Degrees/Minutes/Seconds Format
      Improve the readability of your maps by formatting latitude and longitude labels in degree minute second format! With the numerous options , you are sure to find the format that best fits your map.
    8. And many more!

    Add hill shading to your image maps for
    a stunning 3D appearance!

    Format your Lat/Long labels in one of many
    different degree minute second formats!
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